I'm not a fan of the XS, but I like medium to large size bags. Keep whichever one would be more heartbreaking to lose! louis vuitton monogram multicolore,

^^I agree, own the Logo-Mania scarf in Monogram Anthracite. louis vuitton job opportunities


Does anyone know if the Eva going to be part of permanent collection? damier ebene canvas


Great choice! Love it! leather key wallet

,Congrats! It's a classic. lv phone,

Wow bunifa - this is my first year too and all I have is a Damier Ebene ZCP! I especially love your MC items. louis vuitton white bag


love your collection...congrats on you new NF louis vuitton shoes for women


Definitely the Zippy Vernis! So beautiful lv las vegas

,Very nice! Congrats! louis vuitton trevi pm,Mono louis vuitton pattern,i have both and i love the eva more esp with the long strap optioni use the pochette as an organizer inside my bags! louis vuitton used for sale,

The Ebene Speedy does round it out! This is my largest speedy so I'm a bit apprehensive but the Damier Azur is a nice 25 and the Epi is perfect in 25...this one is special:) m95561


Congrats! lv scene